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About Us

Our Mission​

Our mission is to maximize client’s well-being by helping them make better financial decisions. To accomplish this, we build strong relationships with clients and make every effort to understand their unique situations in order to tailor financial solutions that fit their needs. We always aim to guide clients into whatever financial success they want in their life.

Our Commitment

Clients come first. It’s as simple as that. We work directly for our clients who’ve put their trust in us. This is why we offer our energy, our intellect, and our knowledge to helping client attain their financial objectives. We are always looking to improve the quality of our service and advice so clients can feel confident and comfortable in the process.

About Us

Since our inception in 1995, RoyByrns & Associates has evolved into a recognized financial solutions provider in New Brunswick. Today, from our offices in Dieppe, NB, the
company relies on a competent team of bilingual advisors and support staff specialized in offering insurance, investment and financial planning services across New-Brunswick.

Who we are ​​

We’re a team of independent advisors working together. Each works directly for their clients while leveraging the strength of a highly specialized team of professionals. Being independent means we represent many different financial solution providers and have the ability to access most insurance and investment products available in the marketplace.

What we do

We provide peace-of- mind knowing our clients have a plan and the advice needed to reach their goals. Our role is to help determine our client’s needs and design a financial plan around them. Only then will we recommend the products most suitable for those needs. Our ongoing advice and frequent reviews ensure clients stay up to date with their goals.

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